Funai, Colt, Craig, Logik, Sansui, Shintom, Sony, Symphonic, and Toshiba VCR replacement parts kits.
These kits cover many different VCR models under several brand names.  The on-line database has been set up to direct you to the proper rubber replacement or maintenance kit for your VCR.  Even though every precaution has been taken to assure the accuracy of the database, mistakes can be made.  If you feel that we've made a mistake, please E-Mail us and let us know.

We have two rubber replacement kits for these VCRs that were manufactured by Shintom.

Belt Kit
Contains all three belts that are used in these VCRs.   About everything about these VCRs is influenced by belts.   Belt problems can range from wont power up to stops in the middle of a tape.   Your price for our MBK-97 kit is $8.95.

See photos for belt locations.
Complete Rubber Kit
This kit is a complete rubber replacement kit for these Shintom built VCRs.   It contains all three belts and the pinch roller.   If the pinch roller has never been replaced you really need one.   If the pinch roller has a hard glaze on it or the capstan shaft has a black build up on it the pinch roller has probably been slipping.   Your price for our MBK-97P kit is $17.95.

See photos for parts locations.

Loading Gear
This is the loading gear which drives additional gears to load the tape up around the video head.  If this gear fails, you'll often hear the loading motor running, but the gear will be unable to drive the remainder of the loading mechanism, and the tape will fail to load around the video head.   The price for our MBK-69-LdGr gear is $10.95.

See photos for parts locations.



Top view of Chassis. Our MBK-97 series of parts are for this chassis


Bottom view of Chassis.