Your VCR model is called an "exchange" model in the industry. This essentially means the following: 

  • There are no parts or service literature available for this model.

  • The model carried a 90-day full warranty from date of purchase. This means that during the first 90 days, any failure of the unit would be handled by exchanging your unit for a new like replacement.

  • From 91 days through 1 year, there is typically a "partial" warranty.   During this period of time, any failure would be covered by exchanging your defective VCR for a new one of the same model at a discounted price to you. Typically, you would have paid about 50% of the original selling price in order to get the replacement in exchange.

  • Beyond 1 year, any failure means that the VCR would have to be discarded.  It is essentially a disposable, non-repairable piece of equipment, due to the lack of parts availability.

Special note about belts:   In many cases, we can provide generic belts for most of these VCRs, even though the factory does not produce original factory belts for these units.    You will need to measure the old belt(s) in order to choose a replacement.    Click here to learn how to properly measure VCR belts.

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