Hitachi, Pentax, and RCA VCR replacement parts and rubber kits.

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We have two replacement rubber kits for these Hitachi manufactured VCRs.

If you need a part for your Hitachi built VCR that is not listed below, use our Parts Request Form to check with us.   We will list more parts as the catalog grows.

Contains all four belts, capstan/idler belt, load belts, and the counter belt.   The most common problem with bad belts is the VCR will fail when trying to go into play mode.   Bad belts can also cause the VCR to shut down while trying to power up.   Your price is $11.95.

Contains all four belts, Capstan/Idler belt, load belt, and counter belt. This kit also contains a replacement pinch roller, and idler tire.   If the VCR "eats" tapes, the idler tire is likely defective.   If the pinch has never been replaced you really need one.   If the capstan assy. has a black build up or the pinch roller has a hard glaze on it the roller has probably been slipping.   Your price is $22.95.