Remote Control Rebuild Kit

Repair remote controls with bad buttons!

Conductive Silver/Carbon Coating for most surfaces (rubber, epoxy, glass, plastic). It is ideal for repairing remote buttons, keyboard buttons, and other silver/carbon based surfaces.

Similar products on the market are more expensive, and have multiple containers requiring mixing prior to application. The CaiKote 44 is applied in one step, allowed to dry and is ready for service.

  • The conveniently-sized kit for permanently repairing rubber keypads in remote controls, telephones, keyboards and more!

  •  Restores electrical conductivity

  •  Forms a tough, flexible, wear-resistant surface

  •  One kit repairs over 50 rubber button contacts (enough for 2 or 3 average remote controls)

  •  Repairs tested to 500,000 keystrokes

Instructions included.
Also works on rubber type buttons found
on telephones, calculators, keypads, etc!

KCT-44                       $17.95


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