Technician's Aids


Belt and Spring Installation/Removal Tool

This is a real time-saver! Stainless steel, tapered design to fit comfortably in your hand.  Good grip surface to prevent slips.  Takes the frustration out of installing belts and small springs in tight places.  One end designed for pulling, the other end for pushing.  Worth its weight in gold!  8 inches long.

Part number BST-1
$5.95 each




Rubber Keypad repair kit

Repair remote controls with bad buttons!

* The conveniently-sized kit for permanently repairing rubber keypads in remote controls, telephones, keyboards and more!
* Restores electrical conductivity
* Forms a tough, flexible, wear-resistant surface
* One kit repairs over 50 rubber button contacts (about 2 or 3 remote controls on average) - mixed solution lasts up to 72 hours
* Repairs tested to 500,000 keystrokes

KCT-44   $17.95

Sold only in the United States

Essential Soldering Kit

Kit equips the technician to solder and desolder quickly and effectively. Contains 30 watt 3-wire grounded soldering iron, a small soldering iron stand, a pen-type solder dispenser containing quality 60/40 solder for electronic work, 8" super desoldering pump for removing solder, along with a replacement soldering iron tip, replacement desoldering pump tip, and replacement desoldering pump piston ring . Excellent value!   For use on 110V-120V AC systems only, as found in North America.

ZD-920B          $15.95


7.5" Solder Sucker

Metal barrel for rugged, dependable operation!  High vacuum for fast desoldering. Uniform reset pressure.  At 7.5 inches long, it's big enough to do the job and small enough to fit in compact tool boxes and tool pouches.
 For more soldering tools and supplies, click here

Part Number NBW-74
$5.95 each


GC Electronics
White Lithium Lubricant

The "best" lubricant for VCRs. Won't harden and dry out like many VCR lubricants on the market. Long-lasting, easy to apply. 1 3/4 oz. tube supplies ample lubricant for dozens of VCRS, audio decks, etc.
Part Number 19-2302
$10.95 each

13" Solder Sucker

The "Big One"! 13 inch desoldering pump. High suction power, corrosion resistant springs, and durable blue plastic construction. Compare with models costing twice as much! For more soldering tools and supplies, click here

Part Number SS-1
$9.95 each

Capstan Bearing Tool

Stop replacing expensive capstan motors when the only problem is the upper bearing. This solid brass installation/removal tool allows you to easily replace the upper bearing (see bearing at right) in most capstan motors.
Part Number BT-100
$8.25 each

Instructions for installation (PDF)


Capstan Motor Bearing

Replacement capstan motor bearings. Our BT-100 tool (see left) will install this universal bearing in most VCR capstan motors. CB-101 for most brands.   Use Ask-a-Tech feature to ask if this bearing will work in your model VCR.
CB-101 Universal Bearing $3.50 each

CB-102 Funai Type Bearing
$3.50 each

Instructions for installation (PDF)

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